Each calendar year, which ends on December 31, your eligibility for benefits under the Medicare Diabetic Shoe Bill expires for that calendar year. As with any benefit there are rules to follow. First and foremost, the doctor managing your diabetes must confirm your diabetes plus a qualifying condition in writing to the person dispensing your shoes. That person must also have a prescription for the shoes and inserts from a podiatrist (DPM) or other doctor.

To help you manage all these hurdles, I obtain the written confirmation from the doctor managing your diabetes. Together, you and I review the shoes that are appropriate for you based upon your foot condition and activity levels. Of course, whenever possible, we keep an eye towards fashion and style. I then prescribe, order and dispense the appropriate shoe and inserts to you. The entire reason for this wonderful benefit is to prevent loss of limb and life. The shoes and inserts work together to prevent ulcers and ultimately preserve life and limb.

I actively participate in this program simply because I’ve had to fight to heal ulcers to save patients’ toes, feet, or legs simply because they are using the wrong shoe. So, I make sure my patients have the right shoes and inserts available to them.

Before time runs out, please contact me at either (727) 824-5100 or (813) 645-1993.

Dr. Bonnie Sanchez is a Board Certified (ABPOPPM) Podiatrist with offices in Clearwater, St. Petersburg and Sun City Center. She is a native of Tampa and has been a health care professional since 1980.

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