Stop Your Foot Pain NOW!

…And Ankle, Knee, Hip, Back and even Neck pain too!

Bonnie Sanchez, DPM breaks from convention and says “NO!” to surgery and “NO!” to drugs.

Most foot, ankle, knee, hip, back and even neck pain is caused by how you walk and stand. If you walk and stand with better posture, you can get rid of most of your pain. Biomechanically, your body is like a machine, a system of pulleys and levers, and good posture is the result of proper alignment.

So, when the arch in your feet is out of alignment, you cannot develop the biomechanical “windlass effect” also known as “the spring in your step.” A misaligned foot and arch makes your ankles, knees, back and neck overcompensate and rotate to different angles. These joints have to adjust just to keep you from toppling over. This is right up to the highest joint in your body at the base of your skull.

Misalignment strains your joints and wears them out leading to joint damage, pain and injury. Without your feet in proper alignment, no amount of knee, ankle, hip, back or neck surgery will ever have you in proper alignment.

To realign your foot, you need a biomechanical corrective supportive insert. A gushy gel insert WILL NOT help correct your problems. So, biomechanically you need to realign and support your feet in your God-given ideal arch position for each individual foot throughout its gait cycle. In other words, put the spring back into your step.

In my practice I use the most cutting-edge, specialized 17-point methodology along with decades of experience to capture your ideal therapeutic arch position during your complete gait cycle. I then have the only doctor-owned and operated lab using only the most advanced Space-age polymer technology to manufacture the finest Orthopedic Orthotics in the United States. This gives my patients complete support with just the proper amount of flexibility and cushion for comfort in the insert, while also keeping the Orthotics’ corrective realignment function. I find this has my patients walking with little or no pain, standing taller, and improving their health and quality of life.

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