Painful Heel Bumps


If you have a painful bump appearing on the back of your heel, you may have a Haglund’s deformity which is characterized by a bony protrusion that forms where the Achilles tendon connects to the heel bone. It often occurs in women who wear high heeled shoes, hence the origin of the name “pump bump”. It can also manifest in people who have high arches and favor the outside of their feet when they walk. 

Initial treatments for a “pump bump” include the use of heel pads to isolate the area and help prevent continued rubbing. Frequently, the blisters caused by friction are a major source of pain. Icing the area after removing your shoes can also help reduce swelling and redness.

Some additional treatments to consider include:

  • Custom shoe insertsThe redistribution of pressure provided by these inserts can help relieve pressure and pain in the heel area. High arches can also be treated with shoe inserts.
  • Anti-inflammatory drugs—These can be applied directly to the bump in a lotion form and can be taken orally.
  • Immobilization—A walking boot or cast may be needed to prevent continued irritation and to allow proper healing.

If the bump continues to grow and becomes increasingly painful, seek the advice of a foot care professional. It may be necessary to shave the bump surgically to provide relief.

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