Toenail Fungus Problems

Fungal toenail infections are a very common foot health issue, although many people have this type of infection and are unaware of it until it becomes a potentially severe problem. In the initial stages of the disease, which can last for years, there is rarely any pain. However, as the fungi spread, they can cause the nail to become a yellowish-brown color, sometimes accompanied by a foul smelling odor. This can also lead to pain and discomfort when walking or exercising.

People who suffer from chronic conditions including diabetes, peripheral artery disease, or autoimmune diseases, are more susceptible to contracting fungal nail infections.

How to Stop Toenail Infections

Some common methods for avoiding nail fungal infections include:

  • Don’t wear the same shoes every day, and allow your footwear to air out between uses.
  • Antifungal spray can be applied to your feet and footwear to kill the fungi.
  • Keep your feet clean and dry with talcum powder and breathable footwear.
  • Cut your nails straight across to avoid ingrown toenails that can cut the skin and allow the fungi to enter under the nail.
  • When in public places like gym locker rooms, showers and pool areas, always wear shower shoes or flip flops to protect your feet from fungi.

If your fungal nail infection is proving difficult to eradicate, talk to your podiatrist about more advanced treatments including oral antifungal medications, laser nail therapy, or nail removal and regrowth. The KeryFlex nail restoration process is an excellent way to cover the nail bed after laser treatment to prevent re-infection while the new nail is growing underneath.

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