Ensuring Proper Foot Development in Children


The bones of children remain very flexible and evolve over many years during the developmental process. Here are some excellent guidelines to ensure proper pediatric foot development and to help avoid any potential problems in the future.

Tips for proper foot development in children include the following:

  • Foot inspections - Inspect your child’s feet regular for any abnormalities or injuries and be certain to see your podiatrist if you uncover any problems.
  • Roaming - Before your child even starts walking, make sure to provide ample opportunity for unimpeded movement of the feet and legs.
  • Loose socks - It’s best to provide your child with a lightweight, breathable cover or none at all.
  • Bare feet - Allow your child to be barefoot (or sock-footed) as often as possible while indoors. This helps your child to strengthen their feet and toe muscles.
  • Take emotions into account - Don’t force your child to walk before he or she is ready to do so. When they are physically and emotionally prepared, they will begin on their own.
  • Shoe replacement - During the first several years your child will need to be fitted with new shoes every few months to avoid any complications with poorly fitting footwear.

Other problematic conditions that are very common in children that you need to look out for include flat feet, and in-toeing or out-toeing. If any of these conditions become persistent, or if they affect only one leg or appear to be getting worse, then need to have a consultation with your podiatrist right away.

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